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Mister Size 53 Pure Fill 36 Condoms (BBE 05/2026)

Mister Size 53 Pure Fill 36 Condoms (BBE 05/2026)

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ideal fit for sensitive sex
close and cosy fit
ultra-thin (0.05 mm) for pure intensity
transparent & smooth
made of natural rubber latex
nominal width of 53 mm.
The main component of MISTER SIZE condoms is latex. This is obtained from the rubber tree and is therefore a purely natural product, which, in addition to rubber, mainly consists of water, but also in small parts of resins, proteins and minerals.

Only first-class natural rubber latex from carefully selected suppliers is used for the production of MISTER SIZE condoms. The latex mixture also consists of other ingredients that are responsible for good elasticity, reliable tear resistance and the pleasantly neutral odor.

Complete list of ingredients for MISTER SIZE condoms:
Cis-1,4-polyisoprene (natural rubber latex)
Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate (accelerator)
Phenol, 4-methyl-, reaction products with Dicyclopentadiene and Isobutene (antioxidant)
Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate (accelerator)
Zinc Oxide (vulcanization activator)
Sulphur (vulcanizing agent)
Potassium hydroxide (soap)
Fatty alcohol (soap)

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